Diggle – Builder

As the lead designer for Diggle for 3 years, I improved its usability and user experience. Diggle is a specialized tool for facilitating discussions and solving complex problems. Before I joined, it was an in-house project with potential but needed to be more user-friendly. By focusing on the user experience, I helped make Diggle a more effective tool for engaging audiences.

Diggle’s users often struggle with technology, so making the Builder more user-friendly was the biggest challenge. 

To make the builder feel familiar, I took inspiration in Powerpoint. The builder was previously split in two pages. So I combined it. Made a thumbnail timeline to the left, a content menu to the right and the preview in the middle. 

Some of the question types had a lot of customizable options, which could be useful for encouraging discussion but also difficult for users to navigate. To address this, I implemented the concept of “easy to use, hard to master” by providing a default set of options for each question type that would work well for most users, but also allowing advanced users to customize the options through a “more choices” menu.

In addition to improving the user experience, this redesign also made it easier for developers to work with the question types. Many of the question types had similar interface elements, so I redesigned these elements and created a library to update the existing question types and make it easier to create and test new question types in the future.

Diggle is still a work in progress, so the design and features you see now may not be the same as when it’s fully developed.