Diggle – Dashboard

As the lead designer for Diggle for 3 years, I improved its usability and user experience. Diggle is a specialized tool for facilitating discussions and solving complex problems. Before I joined, it was an in-house project with potential but needed to be more user-friendly. By focusing on the user experience, I helped make Diggle a more effective tool for engaging audiences.

My first main focus was to make the dashboard feel familiar and scalable. I took inspiration from file systems like Google Drive and Finder to create a long and narrow layout that provides a natural place for buttons and other functions, while still being neat and easy to navigate.

We also wanted to make it easy for users to access pre-made content, or templates. Many users struggled to create good content on their own, so we made the templates page prominent and colorful, with a “featured templates” section at the top.

Another important aspect of the design was to improve communication with users. Previously, Diggle only had email as a channel for communication, so I added a news bell icon that would show a small red dot for normal updates and a “what’s new” button for important news. The news list would include regular developer updates and articles from the Diggle blog. This helped keep users informed and engaged with the platform.

Diggle is still a work in progress, so the design and features you see now may not be the same as when it’s fully developed.