Diggle – themes

As the lead designer for Diggle for 3 years, I improved its usability and user experience. Diggle is a specialized tool for facilitating discussions and solving complex problems. Before I joined, it was an in-house project with potential but needed to be more user-friendly. By focusing on the user experience, I helped make Diggle a more effective tool for engaging audiences.

As part of our efforts to improve the platform, we wanted to give users the ability to easily create their own templates. I came up with a system that allowed users to select from a limited range of colors, fonts, and logos, which would help ensure that their templates would look good most of the time. This system was designed specifically for corporate workspace users, and an admin could set up the company’s theme and share it with all the workspace users. This feature gave users more control over the appearance of their templates and helped make the platform more customizable.

Diggle is still a work in progress, so the design and features you see now may not be the same as when it’s fully developed.