Destiny Exotics

“Why don’t you play Destiny 2 with me”, my fiancé said to me one weekend. “I can try…” I said.First person shooter games were not something I had much experience with, so I was pretty sure I wasn’t gonna like it. What I didn’t know was that myfiancé had a group of excellent gaming friends, […]

Horse with wings

It is not a Pegasus. It is a horse with wings”
Fantasiforbundet is a Norwegian voluntary organisation. They specialize in live action role-play (LARP), project management and creative work. Hest med vinger – Horse with wings are their magazine made by their members, for their members. I got inspired by their great work and the funny name on their magazine so I made a quick re-design of the logo and magazine cover.

Game of Logos

I challenged myself to make one logo each day based on something from Game of Thrones.

Mythological Monsters

I have always loved mytology and wanted to do my own take on some of the well known monsters. Dragon, Phoenix, Nightmare, Minotaur and Sphinx.

Welcome to Nightvale

Podcast is one of my favourite forms of entertainment and Welcome to Nightvale is a great one. It is a surreal Lovecraft inspired show, set in the local radio station in the little town of Nighvale where weird happenings are part of everyday life.

Animal of the day

I challenged for myself to draw one random animal every day in any media. And so I did.