Diggle - Builder

UI/UX – combining two pages and getting a better overview

What is Diggle?
Diggle is a specialized tool for facilitating discussions and solving complex problems. It started out as an in house project with great potential. I worked on Diggle as lead UI/UX designer for 3 years, taking it from a tool only used in-house and out to our customers.

Combining two steps
The build feature in Diggle used to be spread across two pages, with only a list view of the selected questions. To make the builder more user-friendly, I took inspiration from PowerPoint and combined the two pages into one for a better overall view and fewer clicks. I also moved the list of questions to the left side as thumbnails for easier navigation.

Setting a simple to use standard
Some of the question types had a lot of customizable options, which could be useful for encouraging discussion but also difficult for users to navigate. To address this, I implemented the concept of easy to use, hard to master by providing a default set of options for each question type that would work well for most users, but also allowing advanced users to customize the options through a more choices menu.

Make the developers happy
I redesigned the interface elements that were shared across many of the question types and created a library to streamline the process of updating existing question types and creating new ones. This not only improved the user experience, but also made it easier for developers to work with the question types.