Diggle - Dashboard

Upgrading dashboard from a simple list to a familiar looking file management and flexibility for further growth

What is this?
Diggle is a specialized tool for facilitating discussions and solving complex problems. It started out as an in house project with great potential. I worked on Diggle as lead UI/UX designer for 3 years, taking it from a tool only used in-house and out to our customers.

Easy and scalable
My first main focus was to make the dashboard be more intuitive and familiar. I took inspiration from file systems like Google Drive and Finder to create a long and narrow layout that provides a natural place for buttons and other functions, while still being neat and easy to navigate.

Making a big task manageable
As part of a small team facing a large workload, I worked closely with the developers to understand the challenges and opportunities of each task. This helped us break down and prioritize our work. I enjoyed collaborating with the developers and made an effort to support them whenever possible.

Adding new functionality

  • Folders and a drag/move function for users to organize their Diggles as they desire
  • Sharing Diggles with other users and collaborating within the same file
  • A ‘favorites’ section to allow users to easily access certain files
  • A bell button and news menu for sharing news and other information with users
  • I also made sure to design the tool in a flexible way, leaving room for future functionality