Diggle - Themes

UI/UX – Creating branding options for workspace customers

What is Diggle?
Diggle is a specialized tool for facilitating discussions and solving complex problems. It started out as an in house project with great potential. I worked on Diggle as lead UI/UX designer for 3 years, taking it from a tool only used in-house and out to our customers.

Visuals that look good anywhere
Diggle have the option to customize individual slides. But I wanted to give the Enterprise Workspace  customers customizable themes to make it even easier for them. I came up with a system that allowed users to select from a limited range of colors, fonts, and logos, which would help ensure that their templates would look good on all the question types all the time.

Diggle is still a work in progress, so the design and features you see now may not be the same as when it’s fully developed.