Diggle - Website

Graphic design and wordpress – a colorful website that stands out from the competition

What is Diggle?
Diggle is a specialized tool for facilitating discussions and solving complex problems. It started out as an in house project with great potential. I worked on Diggle as lead UI/UX designer for 3 years, taking it from a tool only used in-house and out to our customers.

Diggle recently underwent a design update and, as a result, needed a new website. Our developers had previously created the old site, but since our team is so small, we decided to switch to WordPress to alleviate some of the burden on our developers and streamline the website creation process

New look, new website
Diggle has always been a colorful app so I wanted the website to reflect this. All similar software providers used a lot of pictures at the time, so I chose using illustrations to stand out and still have a colorfull look. The website was created as a mockup in Adobe XD where I worked closely with the team to get the structure and content right. Then I created the illustrations and built the website in wordpress. 

A lot has changed with diggle and wordpress since I created this, so the design might vary from what is in active use