Diggle - Workspace

UI/UX and project management – a collaborative space in Diggle

What is Diggle?
Diggle is a specialized tool for facilitating discussions and solving complex problems. It started out as an in house project with great potential. I worked on Diggle as lead UI/UX designer for 3 years, taking it from a tool only used in-house and out to our customers.

Collaborative space
Several larger companies that were using our platform, Diggle, expressed a desire for a company-specific area where they could share materials with their employees. 

Project management
Given the limited time and resources, I closely collaborated with a developer to design a user-friendly platform that was feasible to build within our time frame. I managed the project to ensure a smooth process for the developer.

Visual dashboard
Workspace Diggle offers more text and visual information to help users easily locate what they are searching for, compared to the standard version of Diggle. The use of colorful folders, images, and the company’s logo, along with a highlight color that aligns with the brand, gives the workspace a cohesive look that reflects the customer’s brand identity.

Users see only what they need
The Workspace content is organized into projects and displayed in the left side menu. These projects can be either open to everyone or restricted to invited users only. Moderators have the ability to invite and remove users from projects as needed. This helps to keep the workspace organized and easy to navigate, as users only see the projects they have access to.

workspace 2