I Care

Graphic design and branding – improve safety culture by engaging employees

The goal
The customer wants to improve their safety culture by involving and engaging employees at all levels of the organization. This empowers employees to take an active role in promoting safety and helps to establish a culture of accountability and responsibility. The goal is to create a safe and mindful workplace.

The name
The “I Care” branding communicates our dedication to promoting a safe and mindful environment. When worn by the employees as a tshirt or a button individuals can show that they are comitted to maintaining safety for themselves and those around them.

Colorful and practical
I designed the training material to be fun and colorful to make it more engaging. Each module has its own color to make it easy to tell them apart. In addition to the main material, each module includes extra resources like cards, stickers, and handouts that are color-coordinated with the module. This keeps everything organized and makes it easy to see which materials go with each module.

We collaborated with an amazing illustrator to create images for the center of each module. I also created smaller illustrations in a similar style to help explain what the users need to do. This combination of beautiful, central images and clear, step-by-step illustrations helps to make the training material both engaging and easy to understand.

The “I Care” material is now in use and is being translated into several languages