The Star Colony Game

UI/UX, illustration, writing – A point and click game for kids about social media

The challenge
The customer requested companion material for the Digital Knowledge dialogue mat that we previously created for them.

  • The material should be easy for parents to go through with their children at home.
  • It should be written in simple language that is understandable for young children and non-native Norwegian speakers.
  • It should cover a series of topics specified by the customer.
  • The material should take 30 minutes or less to complete.
  • It should be engaging and enjoyable for kids.

Make it a game
I suggested creating a linear point-and-click adventure game as a way to combine learning with fun. To make the game appealing to a wide range of families, I set the general setting as a science fiction theme and included some alien characters as playable characters. This kept the game interesting for kids while still being adaptable to different families.

Play it more than once
To cover the topics requested by the customer, I created two families with playable characters and developed scenarios for each. The characters’ stories overlap and are written in simple language with short sentences, making them easy to read along with. Want to find out why Luna went to a birthday party but Noah didn’t? Play Sara’s story to discover the answer. 

An interactive children’s book
The interface for the game was designed to have a similar feel to a children’s book, using the same line style as the illustrations. Between some of the scenarios, there are simple exercises that prompt players to consider how they would handle similar situations in real life. There are no right or wrong answers, but players are rewarded with a star for completing the exercise.

To ensure that all background images and characters were completed on time, I used simple line drawings and block colors. The characters are easy to distinguish from the background and have a range of facial expressions that change in response to the story. After completing a play through, players are rewarded with a downloadable image that they can color in.

Play the game